Chronicles of a search: Starting from Prague

New years are for new beginnings, and I am readying myself for one.

I have lost my way. Comfort had me, somewhat. Despite all my fear of comfort zones, I became too comfortable with what I was doing. And I haven't moved forward in a while.

Hence, a full reset is necessary. I have to break away from the slot I got onto. Part intentionally, because I lacked the energy, but partly because I am bored playing the small game. To sit and watch the world go by is painful. Being limited by the neocolonial international higher education more so. 

I came to Prague to start the journey. The next chapter of my life would be a lot of Europe and a lot less India. I am looking to revive my pre-Covid project of moving to Spain, though I don't have a definitive project in hand. It could be anywhere now, anywhere in Europe, including Malta. In fact, Malta is a leading candidate for me as it speaks English and I am getting to know Education Malta well. And so will be Germany, though the news today about the right-wing extremists plotting a coup in Germany is only the sign of what's coming. 

It would also be about shifting more to intellectual work rather than being a pretend CEO of a pretend start-up. It was great education and I have learnt a lot, but that is more about how not to do things. But I have done a few things well, mostly in the intellectual sphere. I, with my co-creator, built a learning system designed for 21st century education. It is internally coherent and now needs external validation, but once that is achieved, we can use this engine to create innovation schools everywhere.

But I got comfortable and left the work of building this to other people. I didn't need to do commercial work, particularly of the kind I do. If I was not dragged into that, I could have tested and refined the model significantly by now. I could have spent time researching and writing and created a body of literature around it. I have done no such thing for a year and instead, wasted my time on people issues, deliberately created distractions and trying to change people who wouldn't.

I am giving up on all this. Tomorrow will be a new day. I am still who I was: Trying to find common ground, remaining true to our commitments etc. But this is now so mindlessly boring that something has to give.


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