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A History of Cut-and-Run

A western power finds itself in a ‘situation’. Their forces and administrators are running a country which is increasingly rebellious, and the rule, unpopular. The rulers' first response was to resort to the ancient rule of the Roman empire – divide and rule – and set the communities against one another. It did work for some time, too. But then it stopped working! Rather, there is now the added hassle of keeping peace within communities to have things going. Costs of occupation now outweighs the benefits. Everyday, the poor, dangerous country looks less and less appetising to its civilised administrators. Besides, there is a resource crunch too. The ruling country has been involved in too many wars - not many fine young men of the 'expendable' variety are available to man the front lines. It is becoming difficult to use the natives, and the local army is increasingly against the occupation. The public opinion at home is also turning nasty. First, the belligerent leader

The Trial in Baghdad

There was a trial in Baghdad, And a President was on the dock, He shouted, we are for humanity, While body counts sored, and vultures flocked! But he must shout, for the TV, Though he knew his time is past, He fought an unjust war, and must get punished, While newsreaders chattered, the dice was cast. We knew the outcome, still we waited, For justice to take its course, as they say, Our senses held in balance, and our values, at ransom, Till the president’s judgement day.

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