Online Talent Platforms - Enabling The SIM Model

McKinsey Global Institute is predicting Online Talent Platforms (see here) could have significant overall benefits, adding $2.75 trillion to global economy by 2025. For this, they define talent platform in a rather open-ended way, combining the traditional recruitment websites like Monster, the social platforms such as Linkedin and the Gig economy enablers such as Uber or Handy together. The central thesis could be read as thus - a fundamental restructuring of the labour markets is under way, and these online platforms could remedy some of the effects of that change. The scary figure of 850 million unemployed in the major economies, some of which induced by technological change and labour market shifts, jumps out of the report, and its optimistic vision that technological tools would solve technology induced challenges.

In many ways, this affirms my thinking about the Skills-Information-Mobility model (See SIM Model of Employability). The broad definition of the Online Talent Platforms was indeed warranted, because it would be more than just connecting people with jobs. As is happening with Linkedin, one would perhaps see a convergence between Information and Skills aspect of the equation, and it would surely be an attractive model for the Online colleges to look at. The educational institutions have always found it difficult to combine the educational and recruitment activities together, but with the transformation of work (not just Gig Economy, but other enablers such as Workflow solutions), it may have become much easier to combine the two together. 


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