UK 2015 - 7 Things That Can Happen Now

Election results are in. Tories have won, with a result better than their own dreams. They have got Vince Cable and possibly Ed Balls (who is getting a recount). Fear has triumphed over Hope. Nationalism is back - with UKIP and SNP, English and Scottish nationalists, triumphing in two different ways.

Here are seven things that can happen now.

1. Scotland can leave the UK. UK Map looks like yellow top, blue bottom, more or less. The next Conservative government will have no MPs from Scotland. SNP must be smiling for more reasons than one, because it makes another referendum a possibility.

2. UK can leave Europe. David Cameron is tied to the pledge to have an In/Out referendum. The nationalism that sunk Labour this time will be alive and well. Without UK, EU will perhaps be stronger. But, for UK, as Gordon Brown wrote yesterday, that is possibly the North Korea option.

3. Immigrants can now leave the UK, as the xenophobia can now continue unabated and destroy British industries and institutions. The economy will take a hit, and global businesses will become unviable. Investment will dry up as uncertainties over EU build up. There will be nothing for the immigrants to come for.

4. A clean majority for the Conservative Government means Matthews Law - For unto every one that have shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that have not shall be taken even that which he have (Matthew 25-29) - can come in force in Britain.

5. The Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities in Britain can rejoice. They can carry on with their caste discrimination, as there will be no legislation barring the same.

6. CNN yesterday referred to UK merely as an US ally. CNN may not exist in five years, given the rate of their gaffes (remember Putin as Jihadi John?). But, friendless and alone in the world, the UK may have to sail the Atlantic and park themselves in the New York harbour. So much for the UK soft power!

7. The Conservative win is good news for bankers in general. They can carry on as usual. HSBC may not have to move. They can pay themselves as much bonus as they like. Until the next crisis, because crisis it will be. All these asset prices will have to pop, perhaps soon, but definitely under the watch of George Osborne. Remember Gordon Brown and his claims of the longest uninterrupted cycle of prosperity? It is a cycle after all.


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