2013: My Year in Review

I feel the lightness of a crazy year that must be enjoyed once it has passed. This was my year of changing the course of my life myself. Like 2004, when I chose to become an immigrant, this was my year of living outside my comfort zone.

Living like this has benefits: One discovers one's friends. Once the privileges of being endowed is stripped away, what's left is truly us: Whoever loves us at our barest are those who stays with us forever. It is worth living like this at times just to figure out who these people might be.

So, a toast to those, who do not measure, who do not categorise, who do not seek reciprocity, but just remain human: The most pleasant thing to find is that this is not a rare type, but this is most people.

Also, being on the fault line, some of the dearly held myths disappear. Such as, entrepreneurship is a magical thing: Once lived through the blood, sweat and tears, one gets the real deal, the disappointments, the mistakes and the like. However, it is only then one discovers what entrepreneurship is for: It is not to have a better life or more money, but the joy of following one's heart and doing something fun. Standing at the end of the year when I had to deny myself most pleasures of a normal life, I feel good about having made the journey, not in the hope of being redeemed by a VC in the shining armour, but in the satisfaction of building something which may just work and make a real difference.

And, finally, this is the year when I discovered what I am good at. It took all my twenty years of working life to get to this realisation, which is a bit strange. But, it is only when one is living beyond other people's approvals (and year-end appraisals and raises), such things become apparent. This year gave me the space to think through what I do well as well as what I want to do well, and what I needed to learn. I enter 2014 armed with some of the most interesting insights I ever had.

In the end, then, adieu, to a year that will go straight into the hall of nostalgia as one to be talked about endlessly; one lived dangerously, but well; one of perseverance but possibilities; one of discovering friends and strengths, one of dispelling myths and comforts, a very special one!


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