My Goals for 2012 and Beyond

I am in the goal setting mood already. Usually, one leaves it for the end of year; so I did every year. However, this year, I failed to do this: 2010 ended with me in a disarray, and my brother's untimely death in the New Year completely threw me out of gear. In fact, since the start of the year, I have lived a hibernated life, not doing much at all, just trying to keep things going.

It is a bit of a shame that I lost these 7 months in that mode, but I feel ready to move forward again. However, I gained tremendous experiences in teaching and managing teaching organizations, and read widely around the area. My professional credentials also look better with the acquisition of the Masters in Education, which I should complete by this December. The taught portion of this course should finish by September, which will free up quite a bit of time for me. I shall surely have to do the Dissertation in the Autumn, but since I am focusing on the growth of Open Learning worldwide, it should be closely aligned to my interest and will help me further my other professional goals.

In short, there are three things that I want to do now:

First, I want to develop a learning platform to deliver cross-border higher education, which will include putting together appropriate technologies and partnerships worldwide. I feel ready to travel again, and this time, I am looking forward to it. I may do this within the context of my employment, or as an independent entrepreneurial venture, but this is one thing I want to achieve in the next few months.

Second, I wish to understand India better: I have traveled around India and read extensively about its rise. But I somehow missed out on the period of the rise, having lived abroad since 2001. I am preparing to do this little private project of traveling around in India and particularly understand the phenomena of the rise from the eyes of someone whose been away, and who has been conscious of many of the shortcomings of the rise because of the particular political or regional background.

Third, I wish to engage in a serious but small experimental learning project in India. I have tried this before, but my brother's illness and death set me back. I shall endeavour to restart this and see whether I can create a special purpose High School/ College in India offering courses which are slightly out of the way: Things like entrepreneurship perhaps. I hope to take this forward alongside the other two things I am preparing to do, and hopefully I shall get the support of my network in achieving this goal more than anything else.

There are other long term things on my agenda as well. I shall now seriously look for an university which will help me extend my open learning work into a Doctoral thesis, but this can wait for a few months. I want to build professional linkages in America, Canada and Latin American countries, and very keen to find opportunities to travel and do collaborative work: This will be on my agenda for the next year (and may be I shall try to learn Spanish or Portuguese for this).


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