The Problem with Israel

Israel can get away with anything. They can copy other people's passports and send out death squads. They can blockade an area and starve civilians. They can bulldoze unarmed students. They can board a ship with medical aid and food supply and fire on those who had the courage to carry them. They can develop nuclear weapons on their own but have the license to bombard anyone else if there is any hint of a nuclear ambition on the other country's part.

They can get away because they are civilizations outpost in a resource-rich region. They are the stooges of old colonialism, mainly British. They are supposed to divide and terrorise the Middle East, and keep it in permanent disarray. They seem to be under permanent seize, even if they are the strongest country in the region. They regularly give the impression that they are some superior race, returned and maintained in their land by God [or by America] and they can kill, maim or rape anyone they wish.

The problem is - they can't go on for much longer.

I would think Israel is the most dangerous threat to the World Peace. I thought Pakistan was, but no. Not Afghanistan, not North Korea, not Myanmar, but Israel. This is blasphemy for the Western media, who regularly cites Israel's 'democracy' and 'free press' as maintainers of civilized behaviour. But, then, Israel does not behave - and the reason is not difficult to see.

Because, Israel's democracy is a load of rubbish. This one is an apartheid state, denying the majority of its own citizens even the basic right to live and work. They are doing exactly what Hitler did to their ancestors, and they are a great example of how oppressed, when given freedom, quickly becomes the oppressor. Their permanent seize mentality is sickening, they are under much less threat than many other countries in the world, and their cavalier approach to international law threatens to derail any attempts to maintain peace.

I say this: Tolerating South African regime in the 70s and the 80s made the West lose Africa. Tolerating Israel will do the same for Middle East. I know this is a short term game: In twenty years from now, the Middle Eastern oil will start to run out. The Western countries by then will reduce their dependence on oil and move onto alternative sources of energy. That point, they will abandon Middle East. Their interest in Iraq and Afghanistan will be over. Incidentally, their interest in Israel will also be over.

Yes, a belligerent state like Iran, with nuclear weapons, can change all that. This is why the Lords of the Universe are so upset. They need to move on, as soon as they can, to a new region. They are already interviewing new overlords, like India, as their interest shifts to the Indian Ocean. They continue to see, even after the end of Colonialism and Cold War, the world in terms of spheres of influence. The problem with that this thinking is dated: In a world where complete destruction is possible and missiles can go anywhere, such orderly geographical division does not work. Besides, the 'agency' model, conceived by British Colonialists and perfected during the Cold War time, which maintains power through positioning compliant bullies like Israel in every region and by subverting popular will inside major states like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, does not maintain itself well in the age of citizen journalism and online politics. The whole power structure was maintained by controlling the information; that seems to be less and less possible now.

I see Israel will potentially divide the cosy consensus among the G7 soon. This is because some countries will be affected more by Israeli actions than others. That Turkey has finally taken an independent stance, rather than falling to its knees in front of its Military masters, is heartening; I would think the outrage in Arab Streets will also translate in political action in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well.

The onset of 'freedom' in Middle East can be a good thing, and it is sad that it has to arise in reaction to the ghetto democracy handed out by the West. Given that Western civilization owes a lot to the Arabs, a Conflict of Civilization there wasn't; but now that we have imagined one, we are blindly heading towards one.


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