2010: A Fresh Start in Everything

Well, yes, that's me. I thought I shall start with myself this year. As I make a fresh start, in almost everything and make an attempt to adopt a new way of looking at things.

To start with, I had to give this blog a character. Over last year, I made 276 posts, mostly original bits and pieces, to keep practising my writing. But, it has come to a point that I should make it more professional, well, because I have started getting comments and contributions. It is not about being vain about myself, but respecting other people's seriousness, and becoming serious myself.

The first thing, then, I had to decide what this blog is about. I have been writing about everything that came to my mind. I have quite varied interest, which can be summarized as State Of The World, but that is like making a short story out of an Encyclopedia. I have been reading and posting things about economics, psychology, education, India, politics and generally my life and work.

This was fun, writing without a purpose. But, seriousness demands some sort of discipline to start with. So, I decided to give this particular blog a character, and create thematic blogs if necessary to contain more disciplined writing. Take it as my resolution for 2010, I don't want to confuse people anymore what I am about.

In keeping with this lofty goal, I started keeping another journal, which is a draft of a book-length work I want to do about India. It is not a thesis or a novel, but a simple reflection about India and its history and culture, seen from an outsider's point of view. Yes, I don't deny it - I am an outsider.

What I wanted to do with Sunday Posts is to change this into a more personal journal, writing about reflections on things around me. I shall stop pretending to write essays, and I write, from now on, in first person. I decided to write rather openly about my life, which I have done before [but toned it down realizing that it makes my employers a bit uncomfortable]. But, then, 2010 is going to be an year when I shall move from employment to a more free life, from Elephant to Flee paradigm using Charles Handy's metaphor, and I should need to bother about employment contract less and less. I love being able to talk honestly about what I feel and who I am, and this is what I want to do in Sunday Posts.

What happens to my other work? I am writing odd bits and pieces in different websites and magazines, and I shall collect them in a different blog. As I mentioned, the discussion for my book-length work on India will feature in another blog. But, even devoid of all that effort, Sunday Posts should remain interesting. Because I am planning to make my life interesting. I am planning to chase my dream, which is about creating a business enterprise which will affect and change the lives of a great number of people. Yes, I am aware that I may fail and all this may sound too vain; but it is good to keep a record of my efforts so that I don't lose track myself. This means I am possibly going to become more open and honest about life than I previously was, though I must, I know, respect the privacy of individuals I come in contact with. So, expect a lot of anonymous quotes and generalized references: They are indeed as honest as it can be, because I am not trying to be nameless.


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