Diary: Moving Forward in India

Last week have been busy - crazy is the right word - as I was sorting out what we do, and don't do, in India. I am feeling happy now that the job is done, more or less. In fact, like in most other things in life, it eventually turned out to be better than expected - we should be working now with a country level partner who is on the same wavelength and has the professional governance standards that we have been looking for. It was indeed worth the trouble, though I am completely exhausted at this time - physically as well as emotionally - and will surely need a break some time soon.

One good thing that NIIT did to me is to attune me to this October/September cycle of the year. For me, 30th September is always the end of the year, and 1st October, a completely new cycle starts. This goes well with my Bengaliness, this is usually the festive time and time to meet people and recharge ourselves, and starting October with a new spirit was always good. The timing of this deal signals something similar - I have worked through a difficult year and it seems that the work I was trying to do will be complete in the next few weeks, allowing me to make a fresh start in early October.

Indeed, I long decided to pursue a different career at the end of August, but needed to postpone that date as things were not sorted out. In course of the last year, I made a few commitments to people I know and cared for. I have, so far in my life, always tried my best to keep the commitments I made, and I did not want to make it any different this time. And, hence, despite the fact that I am no longer enjoying the travel, and have completely ruled out the relocation to Northern Ireland as a possibility, I decided to stay with my current employers a little while longer, till I have sorted out the job at hand. I am feeling quite relieved that it seems things will now work out that way and we shall soon start making significant breakthroughs in India - and I shall be relieved of the burden of responsibility that I seem to carry.

The demands of work has now resulted into a bit of writers' block as well - I just could not manage to write anything, even a decent email to friends, for the last couple of weeks. I am hoping that I shall be able to get more normal soon, and resume my usual lifestyle, and I am sure next time I make a meaningful post here, it will mark my return to normalcy.


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