Planning Ahead

I am now focused on next three months, the period ending 31st August, beyond which a new phase of life will eventually become. Those who know me know that I thrive on these three month periods - something programmed in me by the quarterly cycles of my earlier employers and practised since on my own initiative, in a rounded 100-day review cycles. This comes naturally to me, setting objectives which are medium term and allow a bit of breathing space and my characteristic patience, but not too far that no meaningful effort can not start today.

As I start this, my agenda is more or less set. As I write, my application is being reviewed by the Home Office for an Indefinite Leave to Remain in Britain. If this comes through, and I shall know by today end, this will mark an end of a five year long project, when I stayed in this country, in the middle of various restrictions and meeting various odd and awkward criteria, to go through the process of settlement. Indeed, I wanted to experience how one settles in a different country, and today should be the last day of that process.

I must admit, though, I failed to settle completely, as is my nature. No sooner that I sent my passport in for the review, I have started thinking what I do next. The agenda of setting sail out of India is to see the world and experience various cultures and learn from these. I chose Britain as a starting point because this was culturally most familiar, and wished that I move outward as I become more comfortable in this journey. That day has, almost, come.

The other thing is work. I have worked on a project most of my last five years, initially as a business idea and then in an employed position, and I am almost completing it now. In three months, that is. Indeed, the last few months are going to be busy - I am in the middle of a full-blown restructuring effort, which, if successful, will allow us greater strategic depth and operational flexibility - and I am hopeful that these efforts will help me beget a sense of professional satisfaction which comes with a job well accomplished.

The job, indeed, has given me a significant exposure. Though it may be that I am not where I wished I would be several months back, I am definitely an enriched individual and my international experience has become somewhat real, having strategized and set up businesses in a number of countries. So, while the going was tough most of the time and there is a certain sadness for not being able to reach the promised space, there isn't any regret in my mind. Instead, what I have today, what is prompting me to move, to look forward, is a certain sense of urgency that comes with being old.

So, all change in September - that's what I am moving toward. The economy has started showing the signs of revival, and I have started planning for two fresh initiative for the future. One is a Leadership College, however tacky it may sound, which, I think, is a desperate requirement in India and some of the countries I travel to. I have already talked about this before and now moved forward with its conceptualization quite a bit, and I shall devote my energies in building a model in the coming months. The way I am thinking will have some strands of continuity, but mostly not. This time, I am planning to be hands on rather than my hands off mode during the current assignment, which I know has not paid off.

The second is a more personal project, of acquiring skills and abilities, which will make me a global professional. I still wish to see the world, but not as a tourist but by living in different countries and experiencing the way of life. This is indeed difficult, given my state of life and the various things I am supposed to do. However, wonderment is core to my personality and without this pursuit, I shall not be true to myself. The settlement in Britain, ironically, will free me up from the burden that I put on myself a number of years ago. I shall surely feel free, and I would wish to use this window of opportunity to take risks, cut the anchor and follow my heart. I have a feeling that this will be a wonderful journey. It starts today.


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