Day 8 - 10: Restructuring My Life

As I came back to work after bank holiday, my work was cut out - numerous things clamouring for my attention at the same time. I had to get things done now, but my motivation to do things is at an all time low. Indeed, once I have decided to leave, I should have left - I am not certain prolonging this for six months will actually help anyone. But, then, I have responsibilities towards various franchise outfits that we have put up - the people investing in the business in Kolkata and Mumbai are both known to me personally and I can not just leave them in the larch. Besides, our partner in Manila, though a recent acquaintence, is true to her goals and I would love to see her successful too. So, I have to get on with this restructuring and reach a level of profitability before I can move on with a free mind.

My strategies are now to shift away from pure English offering and move into a diversified education offering, making our business sort of an one stop shop for UK education. I am already working on acquiring a number of qualifications to offer, mostly professional qualifications given the market in India and I shall work on offering some degree programmes too this September. I am positioning English offerings as a supplement to what we offer, which I think will be better value for our customers and allow us to go back to the assisted learning mode.

In the meantime, however, I must restructure my life first. I almost classified the three kinds of work that I have at hand - legacy, must-do and future - which I shall explain here. I have put all the work that is arising out of my past, recent and not so recent, under the Legacy label. This is work I must finish before I can get on with a more enjoyable life. Getting the business restructured and doing the jobs at hand tops this legacy list. So does getting my car sorted again, and clearing off various accounts/ dues / issues arising out of my long absence from England.

The second thing on my list is Must-Do, things that I have set out to do already and I must get done soon. Getting my PR done soon tops the list, as well as my dissertation done. I got started on my PR paperwork today. I am hoping that I shall get cracking on the Literature Review tonight. That will surely make this as a productive day.

The third thing that I must give some attention to is Future. I am looking at a legacy-to-future trade off in the coming days. I should clear my legacy list and give more and more time to the tasks related to future. I am already getting requests to work with training businesses in India in helping them to develop products, and branding the business. I do think this is exactly where my expertise lie - in marketing training, education, HR and Talent Management businesses - and I should reduce my involvement in other areas and focus myself on these. My brother is already moving forward with the Learning BPO/ Talent development business and currently I am planning to work with him on an advisory capacity. Apart from this, there is e-Learning, the moment for which has now arrived, and I would want to return to the business of learning software as soon as I can.

Overall, my overwhelming feeling is that I am wasting time at this moment and I need to realign myself asap more towards the work for future. In fact, suddenly August seems a long way away and I am not sure I can carry on like this, with a divided mind. For the moment, however, I shall keep this post private, and only open it up when all this is over.


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