Day 11: What Does BBC Stand For

I am still struggling - there are far too many things to complete before I go again, and it is only 36 hours away. My fault, surely - I am trying to live as normal a life as possible, when I am travelling three weeks a month. When today the electrical connections went down, I thought I sort of reached a nadir - but then that's the time you start picking yourself up and see what you can do. That's what I have done yet again - the last 10 days was extremely difficult, my car's frozen, all the regular payments due, my expense claims not filed, my computer crashing, my email account out, and now electricity - but then I think that's all and wondering what else can go wrong. The bottom, is the correct expression, so I am feeling optimistic yet again.

I am still working on the Mumbai agreement. This is one thing about India, negotiations never stop. I am sure some people believe that this is the best way to get value, but definitely not in my view. I am actually getting an intuition - while my sales training will tell me that customers who have more objections are actually more committed to the process of buying, but in India, it is actually reverse: Somehow talk is still cheap and negotiations can actually an easy way to get into timewasters' trap. So, let's see what I get tomorrow: I am right on the wire and will possibly snap if I can't move it forward now.

In public life, the most outrageous thing that I have come across in recent days is the BBC's refusal to air an appeal - for charitable cause for children and the conflict affected people in Gaza - because they 'can't take sides'. This is the sort of stupid arrogance only BBC can take. They don't have to earn their money, remember. Every houseowner in UK more or less gets taxed for the existence of this out-of-date, out-of-touch institution. As keepers of public culture, they are currently into the promotion of abusive language and abhorrent behaviour. And, now this - a nineteenth century, I-know-best attitude, which is inhuman and beastly. Taking sides? By not airing the appeal, BBC actually condones the mindless killing that is going on in Gaza, and treats everyone of its people as terrorists. They are in this with Sky, but then Rupert Murdoch isn't a great benchmark for humanism anyway. But then, if consumers were outraged [they are clearly not, they are more concerned about Lost and football] and if they left Sky in droves, Sky would have relented and reversed the policy. But, not for Beeb, they have a god-given entitlement to my money and a right to use that in their patronizing way.


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