Day 9

I guess I am somewhat superstitious in many ways. It is tradition mixed in my mind with habit. There is this old Bengali saying about Tuesday being a good day to start things. This is ingrained in my mind, and however much I try to appear rational, I invariably tend to start things on Tuesday. This is something I shall surely never admit - but there is no point denying that I do think this way. It may not be exactly superstition - as I don't mean to say that I don't do anything on other days of the week - but some sort of prefernce and habit that I live with. In that sense, my week tends to be a Tuesday-Monday week.

Today was a fairly eventful day. There are a number of social relationships that I had to work on. This is interesting, as I am otherwise not very social. But, somehow, I did work on a number of these relationships today and had to do something about it. I also realized that I am wasting an undue amount of time on chat - something very tempting in the always-on world, but one has to reign in how much one does of it - and tried hard to cut down on the time I spent. I thought I can easily save at least half hour to an hour for pure uninterrupted work by cutting down on one or two chat relationships.

Also, I noticed that I have this obsession with email. I treat email almost as chat, always refreshing my gmail and office webmail pages in the hope someone replied to emails I sent. This is of course a clear waste of time, and I must get used to waiting for emails.

I am reading 10 Rules for Strategic Innovators by Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble. I bought this book looking at the title of its chapter 4 - Why tensions rise when NewCo borrows from CoreCo - an omni-present fact in my life. Very interesting book, otherwise, too - innovation is one area which private enterprises have mastered better than in any other form of organization. My current occupation - developing an overseas presence for a company predominantly focused on a regional market - involves continuous strategic innovation and change in processes, values and attitudes. I am hoping that time spent reading this book will be helpful in my job.


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