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This is a personal note. I am now back in London and shall not travel till end of June.

Wow! What a break - I say to myself. I always wanted a travelling job, but when it materialized, like many other things, it was at The Wrong Time! I quite enjoy being in different places - not the touristy bit, but the fact that I am involved in setting up real businesses in different countries is indeed exciting - but my life is in a mess right now.

When I started doing this an year back, I was patiently accumulating brownie points in adjusting in a new country. I was building my career all over again, bit by bit, and I was having a good run. Then, this opportunity came - something I wanted to do for a while. I took it - not taking that would have been against my grains.

Looking back, that was actually a step backward. I was leaning on my past rather than striving towards my future. I know I am good at this kind of work - when I say I am possibly one of the best in the world in selling training, I am only half-joking - but resting on what I have done in the past wasn't necessarily the smartest strategy to improve myself.

Anyway, I am into it now and have this unenviable task of building up several new businesses - I would not have known how multiple teething pains feel if I did not do this - but I have let the agenda of my self development slip. That's the key mistake - I almost became too comfortable last 12 months.

So, here I am - trying to recontruct my life and put myself back on track. I obviously know all the work I have done in the past four years does count, but I am setting myself as if I am starting from scratch. I already have a job, which is a great thing. I am now working on getting enough paper qualification so that I have demonstrable proof of competence - joined an MA in Marketing Management to top up my CIM qualification - and working on and updating my skill sets quickly. I am conscious that this will take up all my time in next few weeks, and hence, if I don't talk about anything else other than marketing and my work, that will only be indicative how busy I am keeping. Focus as a strategy never worked for me in the past; I want to give it a final try.


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