Why McCain Matters

John McCain is all set to win the republican nomination after Mitt Romney 'suspended' his campaign in order to pave the way for a national campaign and to unite the party. Mr Romney had only a slender chance of beating McCain, but his stepping aside will leave a section of the Republican Party - its super-conservative american-supremacist christian-fundamentalist section - without a viable candidate of their own. Now, they are in a difficult spot - they can continue to oppose McCain and let Senator Clinton or Obama win the presidency. Or, they can unite behind McCain counting him as a lesser evil. The big question of the moment is: what are they going to do?

This campaign for presidential nomination was extra-ordinary. It was a true post-nixon era campaign, when both the parties had to do some soul searching and gave future a chance. Many times, experience was pitted against hope, fear against reconciliation, bi-partisanship against narrowness. This will possibly be the most lasting legacy of George Bush - he has completely discredited the post-war conservatism by his ineptitude and naivity - and forced everyone to look for a change.

Mitt Romney, despite his brilliant credentials [he looks most 'presidential' among all candidates, but Americans, it seems, will not make another 'Warren Harding' error], is a candidate of the past - too much West Wing, too much the standard rhetoric, too few new ideas!

So is Hilary Clinton, in lot of ways - too much of an alpha female, too hawkish, too much her husband's wife in appeasing all sections of the society. She scores over Mr Romney on the gender issue - that represents a change. However, is that enough? If the French election last year was any indicator, there is a difference between wanting change and leaping in the dark. Hilary Clinton understands that fully and therefore, tried to project herself as a candidate of experience, unfortunately bringing back memories and making herself a candidate of the past, a handicap in this election.

Democrats have suffered less in the Bush years. Well, even after whatever they have gone through, on the final count, they can actually blame Bush for everything - and they are even lucky that the recession is almost here, and they can also shift that blame on the President [which he rightfully deserves]. So, they are still divided - they may even end up choosing Senator Clinton as their representative, making an 'one term' mistake.

In that sense, Republican Neo-conservatives have less to fear from Clinton. A Clinton presidency will allow them to regroup and let the people forget the traumas of the Bush years. America will continue to live with the cold-war mindset. The Bush Adventurism will certainly be replaced by Clintonian Isolationism [I initially thought of 'Barbarism' and 'Cowardice' as the two words] - but America will change little and the World will be no better place.

Barack Obama is different. He already has reignited the hope of Kennedysque rejuvenation. He is ready to embrace the world, and his background will probably give him greater insight and necessary humility to lead America to a true post-cold-war mindset. He stands the best chance - among all candidates - to be able to listen. But, then, he has one handicap - he is too different. He is too much of an outsider. Yes, he is the great affirmative action hope, but he has to flight too many demons - inside and outside America - to deliver his promise. And, by talking of hope, he has raised expectations - not just in America, but in the entire world.

This is why John McCain matters. He is all that an American Cold War supremacist would want to be, but he isn't one of them. He is ready to engage with the world, but defy conventional wisdom. He is everything that George Bush isn't. He may be light on economics, but he can get a running mate who is [Am I suggesting Mr. Romney?]. He is truly Post-Nixon, someone who can claim insider knowledge of how administration works and yet be an outsider.

The neo-conservative republicans will possibly settle for McCain, finally. I am thinking they will never be able to accept a Clinton or an Obama in the White House. And, this will be the other reason why McCain will matter - because he can still win, and if he does, he would change America from inside [which Obama, if he gets a chance, will have to do from outside]. He, of course, will make neo-conservatives irrelevant, and deliver America from its fear. While, if I had a vote, I would have voted for Obama [because I am an outsider], John McCain should matter more to the Americans.


Anonymous said…
And now... we conservatives are faced with a decision.

The talk of Pat Robertson endorsing Rudy Giuliani now means nothing (not that it ever did!)

Neither does anyone care about the wide evangelical support that Mitt Romney won over.

We now have, on the left, Senator John McCain whom Dr. James Dobson says "is not a conservative, and in fact, has gone out of his way to stick his thumb in the eyes of those who are. He has sounded at times more like a member of the other party." John McCain promotes amnesty for illegal immigrants, he called Samuel Alito "too conservative" (a good indication of the judges he would appoint), he supports embryonic stem-cell research, and he has little regard for freedom of speech.

On the right: Governor Mike Huckabee, with 10 years of experience governing, a staunch pro-life record, and a proven force for defending marriage and religious liberties. During those 10 years, he reduced welfare roles by 50%, returned $400 million to taxpayers, and was named "One of America's Best Governors" by TIME Magazine.

Governor Huckabee's platform calls for secure borders, supporting the military, and reining in the rising costs of healthcare and energy through practical, market-driven methods.

And today, there is finally justice as Dr. Dobson endorses Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Conservatives need to back Governor Mike Huckabee for the good of our nation. Or do we have Hillary or Obama fans out there?

The lack of enthusiasm for Huckabee is baffling and, frankly, a betrayal of a man who has faithfully served his country--with conservative principles guiding his every step.

Can conservatives of all stripes unite around what we're FOR, rather than what we're AGAINST? If so, our values just might be represented in the White House come '09.

If we just want to sulk on the sidelines of this political race, then forget it. Let the 4 years of disaster begin, as some commentators have put it.

Vote Huckabee! And support his campaign!

Governor Huckabee, though he may be a great man, has very little chance of winning the presidential nomination now. He represents the conservative desparation accurately - it is difficult to understand why he does not have the momentum! But, isn't he too much like George Bush, another charming Governor who believes in the philosophy of Jesus Christ, and not much else! Does America needs another four years under a man so similar?

One thing I never realized - why the globalization americans preach to the rest of the world, does not necessarily appeal to them?

This is wake up time, most certainly! It is a choice between remaining a neighbourhood bully whose power is feared but its values loathed and intelligence laughed at, and being the America rest of the world admires - free, hardworking, secular and entrepreneurial.

Mike Huckabee represents one of the worst choices the republicans could make. Thankfully, they are not going to make that mistake.

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