Obama's Moment

It is indeed Barack Obama's moment. He won another three primaries today. As he would say - change is coming to America - it suddenly looks very possible, an Obama presidency.

Hilary Clinton apparently does not seem to mind the losses. Though she has fired her campaign manager, but she is pinning her hopes on big states and kicked off her campaign in Texas. So, she wants to do Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, which can get her back to the race because they have big delegate numbers, and then get a majority among super-delegates, the democratic party leaders and officials, to seal her nomination.

But this strategy looks like a mistake now. This is a dangerous time, where political calculations of the old may not hold true. This is the mistake which undid Guiliani, the erstwhile Republican front-runner. This seemed to be undoing Hilary too.

Because, well, let us say - because change is coming to America. A new 1968 is dawning. Young people, black people, professional people, suddenly united in despair and ignited by hope, are capturing the moment. Moment, moment, momentum - that's everything. A leader at this time needs to look like a leader and an winner, winning every race and every heart, being everywhere and seen every moment. By strategising too much, Guiliani looked like a cold political operator than a leader of the people. Suddenly, Hilary Clinton looks dated, aged and out of fashion too. The moment surely belongs to Obama now. And, this would sweep away the big states, that will sweep away the super-delegates - no one in their right senses should stand in the way of an idea whose time has come.

That big idea seems to be - Barack Hussein Obama! Orpah Winfrey said - the one, the one I was waiting for. The one america was waiting for, surely, after the dark winter of Bush years, after Iraq. An Obama presidency will suddenly restore America's prestige in the world, engage it into its affairs, allow it to listen and understand and start a new post-iraq phase. It will create big dreams and big expectations - I already said, that's the danger - but then who knows when the world is ready for such dreams.

Hilary, bow out now. If you can't see, you should see - it's time! We salute your fighting spirit, but a good fighter always knows when to concede.


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