In Manila

I am in Manila now. I promised to myself to keep posting daily on the blog, but nothing much happened yesterday. That's not true though if one considers my 18 hour flight, across God-knows-how-many time zones [I know it is late evening in England now while I have started the day], and the fact that I have used the flight to read .. well, not exactly.. to be more accurate, to listen to, the whole of 'Crime and Punishment' [which, I must admit, I did not read earlier and always felt daunted to read].

Apart from Crime and Punishment, I have also seen Elizabeth: The Golden Age [Sekhar Kapoor's movie starring Cate Blanchett] and Michael Clayton [George Clooney against corporate misadventure], and also listened to Tom Peters Live in London, a fairly interesting lecture by Uber-Guru. So, quite productive flight, I must say.

In Manila, I haven't done much, except staying in the hotel, which has a lovely view of the bay. It is a fairly decent Hotel room, though one would expect that at $175 a night. I must admit that my personal frugality - and I always blame my Grandfather, who was an entrepreneur, and who taught me my first English sentence in life 'Cut your coat according to your cloth', for this trait of mine - almost always prompt me to feel uncomfortable when I do something which isn't necessary.

And, despite all the comfort and the lovely view, I do feel my stay in Hyatt isn't really necessary and an unnecessary burden for our start-up business. I have nothing to do this time, I have been booked here by our local partner and I did not want to offend him, but one of the things I shall need to do is to find out a cheap and decent hotel, so that I can book myself directly next time onwards.


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