Curry House Crisis

Britain's curry houses are facing a crisis. They can't any longer bring chefs and cooks from Bangladesh to work there. The Home Office has banned all semi-skilled worker visas from non-EU countries, and hence the crisis. One must note that curry is Britain's favourite food and there are 9000 curry houses in the UK. Welcome to the world of Polish Pulao and Bulgarian Biriyani!

Well, I have no knowledge, and therefore, no aversion, to East European culinary. Just that it makes no sense to have a polish cook a food which he is not accustomed to or would never enjoy eating. And, if cooking isn't a skill, what is?

This is indeed the problem of Home Office. They have so much to learn from private enterprise. But, above everything, they need to learn Talent Management. They are nation's talent managers. The problem is that they don't know that.

All governments either over-legislate or under-legislate. The New Labour under-legislated immigration first, and then over-legislated. And, in the whole exercise with immigration, they always painted immigrants with one broad brush, someone who will bring in alien culture and would not try to assimilate, only take advantages of the society but will not contribute.

There are a few immigrants who play with the system, but what about the vast majority, who are law abiding, contributing to public services [look at those who drive public transport and run the hospitals] and paying their taxes. People working in IT firms building software to keep the country competitive, people in banks earning money for themselves and the country, people in marketing are selling British products and services to the world. They are integral to today's British Home-Owner life style. They are the reason why Britain remains a competitive, modern country.

The Home Office needs to understand this. There is a global market for talent, and countries must do their best to attract talent. The Home Office is in a seize mindset, which is a problem of their own making, and unless they wake up and start adjusting to reality - this Curry Crisis will be one of the first in many such scandals which will affect British lifestyles and international competitiveness of the country.


In fact, an idea - what about a National Talent Management office managing skilled migration?

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