A Thought for Today

I tried telling my friend – I have decided to change myself. She asked – what’s new? Point taken – I keep saying that.

But I did change. I am increasingly becoming a glass-half-empty kind of a person. I sure was not this kind earlier. I am, after all, a salesman. Someone, who lives to believe in future, should not see anything but the half-full portion of the glass. Some salesmen go even further – they see only half the glass!

I am sure getting old. Becoming a grumpy old man! But I promised never to get old. So, my bitterness can’t be on account of my getting old. I am growing old because I am feeling bitter.

But am I really bitter? Well, that’s a theory my friend believes in. Well, I have started thinking of late, may be for the first time in my life. And, I am amused with a lot of things these days. Like, all this talk of democracy; all the seriousness of the politicians; all the pompousness of modern businesses; all the pretence of intellectuals; the whole feeling that the world has always been like this, and will be.

No, I must state my point. I am not bitter, but I am irritated. I always wondered why God spoke to Moses but wont do that with me. Well, with age and experience – I have now got an answer. God speaks to every one of us, all the time. There are people who strive to listen; and others, don’t – they are too busy with the noises, hustle and bustle of life. I think the world is getting noisier and noisier.

Old or not, I am trying to hear what God has to say. I am trying to mute the Sky TV, but don’t seem to have the remote control.


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