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Zinedine Zidane's seeing red in the final of the football World Cup has inspired a chart-topping song in France. The song is called, you guessed it, Head-Butt (or rather, Coup de Boule in French).

The reggae-ish song, which was reportedly composed in 30 minutes and posted on the Internet by a music producer trio, goes: 'Zidane a frappe, la Coupe on l'a ratee (Zidane struck, we blew the cup).'
Reports in most major newspapers of the world say the song is playing everywhere in France and being downloaded in the thousands from the Internet.

Warner Music France has bought the song from composers Franck Lascombes, Sébastien Lipszyc and Emmanuel Lipszyc, who wrote the song out of the depression that hit them and all of France after their football captain's head-butt on Italian defender Marco Materazzi blew France's hopes of being champions of the world.

Reportedly, the trio sent the song to friends over the Internet and three hours later it was playing on Skyrock, one of the biggest French radio networks.

Interestingly, the success of the Head-Butt song -- on the heels of the success of bands like the Arctic Monkeys, who promoted their songs over the Web -- is being viewed as another example to illustrate that the Internet is where the future of music lies.

'It wasn't made to be a hit; it was made to be a joke for friends,' Emmanuel Lipszyc told London's The Guardian.

With Warner planning to release translated versions in 20 countries, it looks like the world is laughing along.


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