Second Coming

Scott Fitzerald once said – There is no second coming in America. He could have as well said that about life in general, where second comings are rare and outright difficult.

I, however, still yawn for a second coming. Well, I am actually planning for it.

It is always difficult because we are what we are – a set of opinions, beliefs, ways of life and seeing. It is also difficult because people evaluate us by a set of attributes, education, experience etc, things that are difficult to change and re-start.

But, then, there is one thing, which makes second coming easier than expected.


That is the key to reinvention of self. If I have failed to realize my true potential, what value is my current baggage – beliefs, values and opinions! Lots of people fail to accept failure in a positive sense, but not me – I can see that this is crucial for me to know that I have failed, and try for a ‘second coming’.

Once I have done that, the job remains to alter my external image. I have already done a bit towards that already – immigrating into an alien country and starting to learn afresh. I have pushed myself inside change, and tried to validate my abilities against the unknown. Now, it is time that I sum these up, get going and make it big.

Yes, I am feeling - unbound. This India-Bangladesh trip has been helpful. It was helpful in clarifying my mind, releasing me of my bonds of comfort one final time and allowing me to focus on future. In all, it showed my failures – my obsession with my self, limitations in thinking, and inability to be bold and creative.

No regrets, though. Face to face with my failures, my inability to live my promises, my vanity and its consequences, my limitations of friendship and my slavery of self – I know I have to do something new.

The Greeks knew the true nature of hope. When Prometheus stole God’s technology [Fire] and gave it to people, they became equal to God. Hence, Prometheus was punished, and God sent a package to Pandora – Prometheus’ Sister-in-Law – packed with all evils, Greed, Lust, Illness, and all that we see in abundance today. Pandora opened the box inadvertently, womanly curiosity as one would call it, and released all the evils on the world. When she was crying as the evils flew out and she knew what she had done, there was this little angel dancing out of the box. Pandora asked – But who are you then, in this pack of evils – and she answered – I am Hope, sent by God to keep men alive in this sea of evil, so that they suffer more!

So, it was God who invented hope. But it is a human habit to defy destiny and flip around God’s will. We turned Hope into a weapon against our destiny, to say – We Will Not Fail – and to plan for a ‘Second Coming’.

So, I shall not go down as a failure! No, watch out for next three years – at least I shall invent the idea of a ‘Third Coming’ by then.


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