Holiday Notice

I am going to India – well not exactly on holiday, but for a last ditch attempt to salvage my project for English Learning! God permitting [and also striking Airport workers permitting], I shall reach Calcutta on the 3rd – and meet a few business investors who can help me get this off the ground. I am back to usual desk on 15th Feb again. So, this holiday notice before I disappear.

What we are trying to do is to set up a chain of English Learning centres in South Asia [i.e., India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other smaller countries]. This will be unique, because the training delivery will be bi-lingual, and will be backed by a very comprehensive, multi-lingual and multimedia courseware.

The idea is to go beyond English training, and integrate a full range of assisted learning products in IT, soft skills and also in education over a period of time. But, given the regional realities, we wanted to start with English, because it is such a huge economic driver in these countries. If you know nothing, but can speak in English, you are in for a decent work in these countries – and on the other end, even with best education but no English, you will never get as far as you should. Besides, most learning content we can lay our hands on are written in English, so we are starting with teaching people English before getting into other subjects.

So, as I move into holidays – no, into a rather desperate final attempt [well, if I fail to get the money this time, I am not trying any more – not in next two years!] to save the project, I would take leave – with the promise to come back with an update in two weeks.


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