The New Disney & A thought

My Sunday agenda never works – two weeks into 2006 and it already looks like the infamous ‘New Year Resolutions’. So, I am changing the model a bit and will try to post every now and then, as I feel like.

I did two interesting things today. One, read a very interesting article on the New Disney under Bob Iger .. great to know that they are already licensing ABC TV shows to be downloaded from iTunes site [and of all shows, Desperate Housewives] - $1.99 an episode, which can then be viewed on an iPod. Exciting, because this will lead to more such innovations. Arcane licensing laws have been standing in the ways of progress for far too long. The demise of music industry, finally, is getting noticed and people are changing their business models. This article about Disney and how Steve Jobs is now all praise for Bob Iger points to a new realization inside Disney.

Second, I went over to a local meeting of Chartered Institute of Marketing today, first time but liked it. This session was on e-Marketing, which is an emerging and intriguing discipline, and I believe it is an important skill to have for anyone. As I focus myself on education, and increasingly e-education, this is one expertise which will be quite key in building my business.

But, the moment of the day deserves a special mention. This came when a participant in the CIM seminar asked the presenter, Dr. Alan Rae, what his personal experiences has been with eMarketing. I shall not get into what he said; but it was that moment of insight, when he started saying – “I can tell you one thing – the world never wants to buy what you want to sell. The first 18 to 24 months in any startup experience is that tussle, you trying to sell your vision and world trying to communicate to you the need. You survive if you listen!’. How profound, yes, touché!


Alan Rae said…
Wow - you always hope to reach the audience - how wonderful to be thought profound! It's true though.

Thanks for mentioning it

All the best


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